Wake County Bus Delay Dilemma

Erin Darnell and Cecilia Marks--sophomores at Leesville--are doing homework while waiting for their buses in the school cafeteria. Since the recent budget cuts have forced some bus drivers to do two rounds, many students have to wait another hour after school dismisses before they are able to go home.

At the beginning of Leesville’s 2016-2017 school year, Wake County Public Schools has implemented a few cost saving measures.


Some of the measures taken are cutting the custodian workdays to one day a week and raising the temperature by one degree in the summer and lowering one degree colder in the winter.


Wake County has two big funding sources– State and County– that help pay for the everyday needs of students, such as technology and textbooks. The State fund was able to give money towards higher salaries for teachers but not as much money for the instructional items needed in the classrooms.


The County fund also didn’t give as much money as the administration had hoped, but they aren’t letting it bother them. “It boils down to classrooms and schools and students and teachers and administrators. Our job doesn’t change. It’s still to educate you to the best of our ability to prepare you for college and a career, regardless of how much money we receive,” said Dr. Muttillo.


The staff of Leesville may have received higher salaries, but the students are experiencing inconveniences with these budget cuts. Connor Bardin, a sophomore at Leesville, said, “With the recent budget cuts making the bus routes double up, it creates extra time that I have to be at school when I can be doing stuff before work…It causes a lot of stress”.


While these budget cuts affect students and faculty members alike, the administrative team is trying their best to continue teaching students with the principles they built Leesville upon.

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