Spotlight: Macia Takes Her Game to the Next Level

Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like fingerprints.Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like fingerprints.

So you’ve just been cast in your first Leesville Road High School show … now what?

Well first off, congratulations. You now have the opportunity to with the best high school theatre program in the state of North Carolina. While I have a reason to be biased towards our program and critical of others — Sanderson, I’m talking about you — the LRHS Theatre Program produces amazing shows at a professional caliber (i.e. Peter and the Starcatcher, Legally Blonde, Romeo & Juliet, and even The Diviners — the top One-Act at the NC ITS Festival in 2016).

Now that you are beginning your endeavour inside the great LRHS Theatre Department, some some of the best actors and techies North Carolina has to offer here are some things to keep in mind:

No decision you make is yours

Hair cuts, hair dying, tattoos, and even piercings have to be cleared before you get them. These all alter your appearance. You were cast based on how you looked at auditions so changing without them wanting to see a change can throw things off on the technical side. The production team runs your life.

Clear your schedule

Rehearsals can be time consuming, and once Hell Week comes you will practically be sleeping, eating and living in the auditorium. Plus, for students that have jobs, go ahead and take off what you can for Show Week and Tech Week. I suggest only working weekends– if possible — to prevent from rehearsal conflicts.

Don’t forget about school

While the show requires dedication, you can’t forget about school. Academics must come first as neglecting school can prevent you from performing.

Start studying your lines. Like, right now

Seriously, do it now. You’ll regret it later on. Knowing your lines can make the rehearsal process a lot more enjoyable

Be patient

Rehearsing and performing may seem weird, but just give it time. Soon, your lines will flow naturally and you’ll pick up on the trade of acting.

Respect others

Make sure to respect the production team.Sure, at times they may so tough on the actors but having been apart of the production team I understand the stress they are under. Just know that they are doing what they do for a reason and to listen to what the say. It just could save the show or even your life. Also, make sure to respect the other actors. Rehearsing is everyone’s first time with those specific characters. Whether they’ve performed the show is new to everyone so be patient with actors as they ask questions and try new things.

Have fun

I’m not going to lie, these next several months are going to be difficult but also the most rewarding. You will meet some of the most remarkable people as you all embark on the exciting journey of acting. Don’t worry — it will all pay off in the end.

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