Leesville Dance Department puts on a show

Dance Ensemble members, Destiny Darden, Sidney Adcock, and Olivia Brown are dancing in a hip-hop style dance. The concert had a variety of dances styles ranging from lyrical to tap. (Photo used by permission of Sidney Adcock)


On May 24 and 25, the Leesville’s Dance Department showcased their second semester performances. The show was a joint performance by Dance II and Dance Ensemble.

The dance line-up differentiates between Wednesday and Thursday night. Many of the dances are the same, but since there are many pieces, solo’s and group dances are performed on one night only.

“I really enjoyed watching all of the performances. I feel the arts are really important and it is so cool to be able to showcase them, like we do here [at Leesville],” said Katie Duhig, junior at Leesville.

Earlier this year, Dance Ensemble took a trip to Disney to take classes and learn new pieces. The team spent 4 days dancing and, of course, enjoying the Disney parks. “Before [Dance Ensemble] went to Disney, we choreographed a dance to perform while we were there. We also performed that dance [Thursday] night,” said Sidney Adcock, sophomore and Dance Ensemble member.

Each senior had a solo. The senior dance pieces were a way for seniors to say goodbye to the great program. They individually danced in front of a slideshow of pictures, displaying childhood memories and their future colleges. “My favorite part was getting to see the seniors. They all did their goodbye dances. It was really sad to see how depressed they were because this was their last dance,” said Duhig.

The pieces were choreographed by seniors, soloists and Ms. Carr, Leesville’s dance teacher. “The dances were pieces we spent all semester on. I enjoy collaborating with my peers by creating and learning new choreography,” said Adcock.

The seniors’ last dances were emotional, yet it helped them leap into a new chapter of their lives. “I like the emotions showed in all the dances; I could tell how sad the seniors were to leave,” said Duhig.

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