Articles by Brooke Sturdivant, staff writer, 2013-14

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Models aren’t truly models

I recently watched the infamous ‘Victoria Secret Fashion Show’ and I realized that I had a simultaneous love and hate for the show. The outfits…

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Grades do more harm than good

For many students, including myself, a grade is much more than just a number. It represents what opportunity we have in the real world and…

‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’ Review

This fall, Broughton High School presented their fall play, Bang Bang You’re Dead. It was used to raise awareness about what causes violence in school….

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Carolina Ale House review

Located off of Skyland Ridge Parkway in Brier Creek, Carolina Ale House is an upbeat sports bar and pub. When I first walked in, I…

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Lilly’s pizza review

Lilly’s Pizza, located at 1813 Glenwood Avenue, is the epitome of a downtown ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant. Immediately when I walked in,brightly colored and…

Brain Game, an academic showdown

This season, Leesville’s Brain Game team has a goal: “…to win this season’s competition,” said Ms. Amy Jones, Leesville’s Brain Game team leader. “[It’s] to…