Articles by Chelsea Dinkenor, staff writer 2017-18

Tying your right shoe before your left shoe is a common superstition among athletes in any sport. Superstitions are everywhere, and many people believe in them and their effects. 
(Photo courtesy by Chelsea Dinkenor)

Superstitions: mental or a must?

Whether it’s a certain song that has to be listened to before a game or a specific order in which your shoes have to be…

All of the officers pictured had their own personal motives for creating this awesome new club. From left to right (top row) Kyelar Lemons, Jordan Blankenship, Janie Chamberlin, Sarah Lasson, (second row) Jill Pretsch, and Emma Watson. Not pictured: Mackenna Brunick. (Photo courtesy by Chelsea Dinkenor)

First Animal Rescue Club at Leesville

Paws for Pride was introduced to Leesville during the 2017-2018 school year. Currently the club has over two hundred members signed up to join, generating…

The day after football star Cole Coleman announced his commitment to Elon University via twitter, he wore clothes featuring his future school from head to toe. Coleman will continue his education in the field of communications. 
(Photo courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

Elon University welcomes Cole Coleman

Cole Coleman, a football star for Leesville Road, committed to Elon University on September 27. After lots of careful consideration, he accepted his full scholarship…

On September 22, Leesville faced Cardinal Gibbons, in a not so close game. The game took place on Gibbons’ newly renovated astroturf field.  (Photo courtesy of twitter user @leesvillefb)

Gibbons Dominates Leesville Football

On September 22, Leesville traveled to face the Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders for their first round of conference play. Leesville had notable plays and fought until…

One of the many trophy cases at Leesville Road High School portraying the achievements of the students throughout the years. The majority of the trophies shown is state championship, or conference championship awards. (Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

Setting and Meeting Goals

Every successful school year is achieved through setting and meeting goals– which provide a standard that students can push themselves to meet. For many students,…

Elise Hall, junior, with Mrs. Cade and Mr. Dinkenor before going off campus. Upperclassmen need to show George Hill, a security guard,  a pass before leaving school.
(Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

New School Year, New Privileges

School has just begun, and the Leesville Road parking lot is overflowing with upperclassmen going off campus for lunch. Upperclassmen are permitted, with a pass,…