Articles by Eric Broer

Crew was voted "smartest" at Leesville along with Will Kelly earlier this year. Crew is the 2016 valedictorian, while Kelly is the class salutatorian.

Senior student spotlights

Heather Crew Will Kelly Nathan Marcellino Tanasia Futrell Matt Cross Brendan Kelly HEATHER CREW: VALEDICTORIAN Heather Crew, a very impressive student, has taken 13 AP…

Students Anna Young, Katherine Magee and Jake Jeffers discover their roles in the fall play “The Odd Couple." Emotions were heightened as talent was acknowledged and rewarded.

High School Audition Advice

On August 31, we sat down with Theatre Arts teacher and Productions Director Katrina Tarson to learn more about the auditions process and what to…

No Picture

Corrections and Retractions

May 8, 2012 Dear Mycenaean Readers, It has come to my attention that the online school newspaper has misrepresented Martin York, Park Scholarship winner, in…