Articles by Kimmy Stewart, Staff Writer


Students recommend forensics

Forensics is the science used to solve crimes. Students can enroll in the LRHS forensics class to learn to wield the tools used to solve…

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Lyons makes changes since LRHS principal

Students and staff know Mr. Lyons as the cheery, perpetually smiling principal who replaced the previous principal, Dr. Gainey. Since his arrival in March of…

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Cafeteria table rule more lenient

As of the new semester, LRHS administrators have significantly increased tolerance for seating arrangements during lunch. The new changes will be applicable as long as…

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Students share their fears

Everyone is afraid of something. In America alone, 6.3 million adults, ages 18 to 54, suffer from a specific phobia and 8.5 million more suffer…

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The good teacher conjecture

Studies show that high school students who get nine or more hours of sleep and a nutritious breakfast will do better in school. They even…


PEPI gives back to young community

A year-long class only for upperclassmen, Physical Education Pupil Instructor, or PEPI, is a great opportunity to work with elementary school students and LRHS Special…


We are all royal here

Thursday, September 30, 2010, spray-painted crowns were sold to seniors who itched to show off their superiority as Leesville’s top dogs. The crowns cost $1…

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The love download

In the land of fantastical beings, where dragons are slain and princesses sing to their furry (probably Rabies-ridden) animal friends, love at first sight exists….


FashionSPARK wows the crowds

FashionSPARK, a fashion show of designers in The Triangle, was held this year, Friday, September 17, at Raleigh City Plaza on Fayetteville Street. Seating started…


JV Volleyball outspikes the Spartans

Leesville junior varsity volleyball is back on the winning streak, Thursday, September 17, after a long, point-by-point, 3-game match with Sanderson. Leesville won the first…

Stewart_Sarah_Long (Courtesy Sarah Long)

Spotlight on student artist Sarah Long

“I first started drawing random household items and doodling with crayons on the kitchen floor,”  said Sarah Long, a junior student-artist. She has won a…