Articles by Michael Beauregard, staff writer 2016-17

The ACT determines your expertise on certain skills attained in high school, and plays a major role in colleges’ decisions on whether or not to admit you. So, you’ve taken the ACT. What do you do know? (Photo Courtesy of Michael Beauregard)

So You’ve Taken the ACT, Now What?

On February 28, juniors at Leesville and other high schools across North Carolina took the ACT. Along with SAT scores, GPA and extracurriculars, most colleges…

Some Leesville students say that the meaning of Thanksgiving is to spend time with family. Over the years, with the help of Black Friday and Media, Thanksgiving is not what it used to be. Photo courtesy of Sarah Stoflet via PiZap.

Thanksgiving Has a Purpose

Thanksgiving has been a tradition in America since the age of the pilgrims. It is a time for everyone to reflect on what they are…

President Obama speaks to a crowd outside of Carmichael Arena at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In his speech, the president urged people to vote in this election, saying that the fate of the country depended on it. (Photo Courtesy of Michael Beauregard)

President Obama Visits Chapel Hill

On November 2, President Barack Obama visited the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to drum up support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton….

By now, most iPhone users have probably upgraded to Apple’s new iOS 10. This new update adds a lot of new features to the iPhone experience, both major and minor. Some of these changes have been pretty cool, and others have been not so cool. Here’s a review and list of new features of Apple’s most recent iPhone update.

iOS 10 Review

[View the story “Review of iOS 10 ” on Storify]

While the 1967 and 2016 versions of The Jungle Book may differ, they both share a sense of childlike wonder. Above are the posters for both of the films.

Jungle Book Review

When I was little, one of the first movies I ever watched was Disney’s The Jungle Book. It was one of my favorite movies to…

This twentieth-century painting envisions what the First Thanksgiving in Plymouth was like. According to the main course of the meal was venison, not turkey. (Image courtesy of the Library of Congress)

The History of Thanksgiving

Following years of persecution and hate in Holland and England, a group of 102 people left Europe in search of freedom. Following a months-long journey…

This graph shows the participation of Americans in presidential elections since 1824. While the rate has gone up slightly in the past twenty years, it pales in comparison to the rates of the late 1800s.

Political apathy plagues our republic

Our thirty-third president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, “Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves…

A view of Bobbitt Hole from a trail in Eno River State Park. According to the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation website, the park is home to nearly twenty-eight miles of hiking trails. (Photo courtesy of Michael Beauregard.)

A Refuge in the Triangle: Eno River

In terms of population, Raleigh is the second-largest city in North Carolina, Durham is the fourth-largest and Cary is the seventh-largest. In the hustle and…