Articles by Regan Harsa, junior editor 2016-17

Brennan Station is full of delicious restaurants many stop by to grab a quick bite. Although the area is enjoyed by all, it comes with a few risks. (photo courtesy: Regan Harsa)

The Dangers of Brennan Station

Brennan Station is a hotspot for Leesville students seeking a quick bite. Some of the restaurants included are Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Moe’s, Five Guys, and…

Dogs are taken great care of at the microchipping sponsored by AKC Reunite. The price of microchipping at Responsible Dog Ownership Day is to good to miss and owners from all over North Carolina meet up to take advantage of the event.

Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Responsible Dog Ownership Day commenced on September 17 at the NC State fair grounds. Hundreds of dog lovers meet up at one location to celebrate…

A team is there for one another and soon a bond is created. With the right components and mindset from all the players, a team can be a family.

There is No “I” in Team

Many students at Leesville participate in afterschool programs. Whether it is a sport, theater or chorus, the same principle applies to all members: there is…

Senor Ross's trip to Spain in 1999. He continues to lead students overseas, including London, Paris and Madrid this August.

Ross Takes on the World

August 1-10, Señor Ross will be leading yet another summer trip out of the country. Two years ago he lead a very successful trip to…

Duck Donuts serves delicious, fresh donuts each day. Everyone is greeted by the friendly duck on the door and welcomed to the fun atmosphere.

Duck Donuts catching on

Duck Donuts has taken Raleigh by storm. “What started as a whim, far-fetched idea, a fun project, about ten years ago” said Russell DiGilio, founder,…

Construction on Strickland Road has been underway for several months. Expansion of the roads will help relieve the congestion three drugstores could cause on an already congested road.

Three Drug Stores, One Spot

Currently, another drugstore, Walgreens, is being added to the Leesville, Strickland intersection. It seems ridiculous since there is already a CVS and Rite-Aid at this…

Video project photo (moon)

The Carolina Lightning

The Carolina Lightning are a girl’s u16 hockey team. Hockey is an intense sport, and these girls are tough enough to handle it.

The upcoming season has girls working hard at the voluntary workouts. Running is intense, but everyone is up to the challenge.

Leesville Women’s Soccer Preview

Leesville women’s soccer is starting its 2016 season. Compared to last year, there are more girls trying out. The team’s 2015 season had about 45…


S(no)w Excuses to be a Good Neighbor

  The 2015-2016 students of Leesville High School are enjoying the snow that came to Raleigh. One neighborhood is using the time stuck at home…

The Leesville swim team has been preparing since November for Cap 8. The girls team, coming off a win at Cap 8, now have regionals to conquer.

Leesville Swim Makes a Splash

Leesville High School’s 2015-2016 girl’s swim team blew the other Cap 8 teams out of the water on January 30th. The girls team added another…