Articles by Ray Youman, staff writer 2016-17

A band of fellows rocking their “RompHims”. The various styles and sizes offered by the startup give potential customers a thousand reasons to buy, according to the Kickstarter page. (photo courtesy of Travel and Leisure)

The RompHim: Trend or Bust

A new craze in men’s fashion has taken the internet by storm. Dubbed the “RompHim” by the creators ACED Design, the male alternative to the…

Wesley Zemonek, a junior at Leesville, peers into Falls Lake on his day off. Many students travel to nearby waters such as Falls, Jordan, and Gaston lake to get away for the weekend. (Photo courtesy of Ray Youman)

(Happy) Memorial Day?

This past weekend, students at Leesville and nationwide received an extra Monday off of school in honor of Memorial Day. For many, the extra day…

Carson Rainey dips her paintbrush as fellow seniors get to work. A painting of a multicolored lion, the artwork is a near replica of that of the one painted by the parking circle outside. (Photo Courtesy of Ray Youman)

Mural of Memories

Outside of the halls of Leesville stands a larger-than-life interpretation of the Leesville Pride. Situated near the parking circle by the Junior and Senior parking…

Ordinary civilians, such as Tyler Stocum, a junior at Leesville, can download the Uber Driver app and become their own “licensed” taxi driver. They can then pick and choose which routes to provide service to, as well as the riders that they transport. (Photo courtesy of Ray Youman)


It’s Friday night, and thousands of busy, anxious, and sometimes drunk people are waiting for their Uber. Pinned as one of the most innovative transportation…

On the cover of his latest album, a dejected Lamar looks at an angle towards the viewer. The title, DAMN. above his head conveys the emotions he seems to struggle with. (Photo courtesy of

DAMN. Album Review

Kendrick Lamar is the most influential rapper alive today. He is a figure that captivates the ears of millions when he does so much as…

Evan Provost, junior, scrolls through his phone as he waits on the bus. He believes he is alone. (Photo courtesy of Ray Youman)


We, as a student body, have grown up surrounded by technology. Ranging from desktop computers to mobile phones and even wearable devices, humans now have…

Peyton Winstead and Evan Provost use their phones to make plans for the day. In this day and age, talking to someone near you and simultaneously chatting with another far away through instant messaging is a normalcy. (Photo courtesy of Raymond Youman).

My Generation

We Leesville students live under a roof alongside those who are generations past. Our grandparents are baby boomers, our parents Gen X’ers, and our older…

ACC Boulevard, the road that links the Courtney Estates, Oakwood apartments, and a nearby retirement community together. The disarray of both properties and shopping centers have caused confusion and a lack of appeal to both Brier Creek residents and the adjacent populous. Photo courtesy of Ray Youman.

The Brier Creek Dilemma

Brier Creek is a public town center located in North Raleigh. It provides for the shopping, dining, and living needs of thousands of North Raleigh…

Elizabeth Gamble nails a Forward 1 ½ Pike en route to her podium finish. One of the more advanced dives, this trick requires perfect timing to avoid flopping. Used by permission of Lori Campoli Photography.

Gamble Wins CAP 8 Diving Meet

Pike variations and tuck flips captivated the audience in the stands at the Willis R. Casey Aquatics Center. And when the splashes finally settled, it…

Lou and I (Center-Right) pictured at the 2016 Envision Experience. Our Native American ancestry makes us eligible for college discounts and scholarships not available to others of different backgrounds.

Affirmative Action: Helping or Hurting?

Generally speaking, Affirmative Action works to provide special benefits for those potentially or historically disadvantaged through differing racial, sexual, ethnic, gender, or religious backgrounds and…

Houseparty pictured on the left, with the app’s successor pictured on the right. Notice the similarities between the layouts and the difference in the app creators.

Copycat Apps

One of the biggest apps of December, “Houseparty”, is taking Leesville students by storm, allowing up to 8 people to “facetime” each other at once….

No Picture

Outside: A Short Story

It was the weekend of October 30. Halloween was right around the corner, and my fourteen-year- old cousin, his dad, my dad, and I were…

Six Forks Cinema, a theatre where several students from LRHS work. Theatre and restaurant jobs are common places for students to get their first job.

The Job Disparity

For many students, obtaining a first job represents a big leap of one’s journey into adulthood. It is a shining symbol of independence, one that…

Students walk to and from classes on the campus of the NC State School of Engineering. The college offers several tours exploring different options for high school students at the beginning of the semester.

College Tours: The Ultimate Guide

According to a recent study done by The National Center for Educational Statistics, there are 4,726 public and private universities available for students to attend…

The posters of the 1959 edition of Ben-Hur and the current edition showcase the contrast in orientation on action and special effects, whether that be for better or for worse.
Posters: Courtesy of and

Ben-Hur movie review

The tale of the plight and resurrection of a hero from Jerusalem,  Ben-Hur has been retold through the big screen time and time again after…