Articles by Will Hollerung, staff writer 2016-17

Above is the album cover for Seether’s latest album, “Poison the Parish”. This is the band’s seventh full-length studio album and was produced by the lead singer, Shaun Morgan.

Seether Releases Solid Rock Album

This past week, Seether releases its seventh full-length studio album: Poison the Parish. The hard rock band from South Africa has been in the music…

Fan clap along with Volbeat’s rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Volbeat accompanied big-name bands like Def Leppard, Soundgarden, The Offspring and Avenged Sevenfold throughout the weekend (photo courtesy Will Hollerung).

Carolina Rebellion Rocks Charlotte

On May 5-7, the Carolina Rebellion concert festival rocked Charlotte Motor Speedway to its core. Marking seven years since its debut, the three-day event consisted…

Pictured above are the new Spring Inductees. With over 40 new thespians, ITS has a wide aray students with many different skill sets for theatre.

ITS Inducts New Thespians

This past week, Troupe #5540 of the International Thespian Society (ITS) held its Spring Induction ceremony. With over 40 new members, the officers had their…

Above is a photo of tech-theatre hard setting up for the spring musical, Bring It On. The new sound system -- including the stacked speakers on the side of the stage -- will greatly benefit the quality of this demanding production. (Photo courtesy Will Hollerung)

Koka Booth Benefits Leesville Theater

A generous contribution made by Koka Booth has brought much-needed equipment to the LRHS Auditorium. As Koka Booth Ampitheatre — a premier venue for concerts…

Above is a photo of Amazon’s new prototype drone. The flagship program, Amazon Prime Air, has recently earned a patent for drone delivery.

Drone Delivery

As we continue to revolutionize technology, we not only affect our lifestyles but our interactions with others. Recently, Amazon announced that have earned a patent…

Above is an advertisement for the popular AMC show, Breaking Bad. With television being so readily available to everyone it can have a wider impact that film

Storytelling Part 2 (TV)

As a common pastime in the U.S., television plays a monumental role in the lives of everyone. As a continuation of my first storytelling article…

Above is a clip from one of the world’s first films, Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat. This film set a precedent in the film industry that has grown to what it is today.

Storytelling Part 1 (Film)

Since the beginning of man, civilizations have told stories to entertain and inform of customs and traditions. Today, storytelling takes on many forms; one of…

At the end of the week, a cast of experienced and novice actors will but on the show, Almost, Maine. This will be the department’s first “holiday show” and will be showing February 15-17.

“Almost, Maine” Preview

  Those looking for plans this coming Valentine’s Day only need to look as far as the Leesville stage. For the first time ever, Leesville…

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Review: Split

Night Shyamalan’s latest work of horror, Split, has topped the box office on its opening weekend. Split follows the story of a man with Dissociative…

Above is a photo of the Washington Monument taken from inside the WWII Memorial. The National Mall is just one of the many iconic places Mainstage visited during their excursion in Washington D.C. (Photo Courtesy of Will Hollerung)

Mainstage Takes On D.C.

Over the Christmas break, Mainstage, Leesville’s honor theatre class traveled to Washington D.C. Day 1 After arriving at the train station where we found out…

Above is part of the poster for the new Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One. Rogue One’s plot revolves around the rebellion and how they steal the plans to blow up the Death Star.

Rogue One Review

Disclaimer: Below is a review of the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One. This article may contain spoilers. The talented directors and producers at Disney…

Above is the album cover for Avenged Sevenfold’s new album, “The Stage”. The release of this album has been one of the most unique methods, utilizing various forms of social media and technology. (Photo courtesy Will Hollerung)

Avenged Sevenfold Takes Center “Stage”

Without even a moment’s notice, Avenged Sevenfold released their new album during their live-streamed concert on October 27. I recently summarized and analyzed their highly…

Above is the coverfor Avenged Sevenfold’s new single, “The Stage”. “The Stage” covers the unfortunate end of man through war and political puppetry in a not-so-distant future.

Welcome to “The Stage”

Over the past week there has been speculation as to when Avenged Sevenfold would release their new single. On October 13, with very little warning,…

Above is the logo for one of the world’s most famous cover bands, The Fab Four. The Fab Four covers various Beatles hits while even sporting the same haircuts, outfits, and instruments as the original members.

Why Bands Cover Songs

Bands are always releasing new and fresh material, but every now and then a current band will release their own twist on a classic. With…

This past summer, a group of Leesville students and teachers traveled to Europe. For ten days, the group of Loonies visited London, Paris, and Madrid.

Leesville Takes on Europe

This past summer, a group of Leesville students and teachers ventured out to Europe. In early August, Leesville representatives immersed themselves in the trip of…

Above is the logo for the fall play, Peter and the Starcatcher. Along with the fall show, Leesville Theatre will also be performing Romeo and Juliet, Almost, Maine, and Bring it On:The Musical later in the school year.

‘Tis the season for fall auditions

The Theatre Department is kicking off the 2016-2017 by holding auditions for the fall play this week. Auditions for the fall play, Peter and Starcatcher,…

The Force Awakens has taken the world  by storm breaking box office record after box office record. Below is my own personal review/analysis of the seventh movie in the Star Wars saga.

The Force has clearly awakened

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers. For those who plan on seeing the movie and don’t want to know anything about it before going in —…

Of the three reviewed albums, Adele's album, 25, was the only one to receive 5/5 stars. Photo courtesy: Thirtyseventh

What to stream and listen to over break

Breaking Bad Length: 5 seasons (13 episodes per season) Medium: Netflix Rating: TV-MA Description: Honestly, if you haven’t seen this television masterpiece by the amazing…

One of Raleigh’s local restaurants, Chow, is constantly growing in popularity. This sports bar has a little something everyone who is just looking to have a good time.

Chow down at Chow

One of Raleigh’s native restaurants, Chow, is becoming the place to be for anyone in the North Raleigh area looking to have a good time….

Modern “metal” guitarist, Buckethead, shredding on stage.Buckethead has released over 200 albums and released one album per day in the month of October.

The legacy of Buckethead

In the career of a professional musician, they may hope to release 10 albums, maybe even 15 or so if they’re a big name band…

Later this year, students that are 15 years old can take the PISA test. This OECD test given every 3 years helps to compare 65 economic powerhouse countries.

Not just a “Pisa” Cake

As if the number of tests for students to take isn’t high enough, they now have the academic “opportunity” to take another one. The Programme…

Knitting Club officers try to corral the group to kick the meeting off. This past week’s meeting drew in a giant crowd and the club officers are hopeful the club will do so in the future. (Will Hollerung)

Fresh start for Knitting Club

This past week, Leesville’s Knitting Club kicked off their monthly meeting for the 2015-2016 school year. With new officers and a new atmosphere, the Knitting…

Students in Ms. Tarson’s Mainstage class read through the male version of The Odd Couple. Auditions for both versions of The Odd Couple will take place on September 1-2 from 2:30 p.m.-6 p.m. in the auditorium. (Photo courtesy of Will Hollerung)

Theatrical Season Kickoff

As students at Leesville restart their school routine, the Theatre Department is getting an early start for the fall play. The Theatre Department has chosen…

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Seniors follow military calling

According to, over 100,000 high school graduates enter the military each year. Leesville is proud to present Pete Dzandu, Korin Montes, Michael Henderson, Mondra…

This past weekend, Seether headlined a concert at The Ritz. This is the first time in approximately six years that the South African hard rock band has played in the Triangle Area.

Seether rocks Raleigh

This past weekend at the Ritz, Seether, along with 10 Years and Within Reason, Seether’s opening bands, rocked Raleigh to its core. Being a huge…

This past weekend, Leesville completed their spring play, Legally Blonde. This is the first play directed by Leesville’s new Theatre Arts teacher, Katrina Tarson.

Legally Blonde is illegally fun

“OMG you guys!” Leesville Pride Productions has completed yet another successful play; Legally Blonde! With tickets selling out in the first couple of days, it…

Noah Latta (left) and Jacob Phillips (right) express how they feel about the NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship game. The Wisconsin Badgers fell short in the final minutes and ended up losing to the Duke Blue Devils, 63-58.

A historical tournament

This year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament has been one of the most unique and unpredictable tournaments in NCAA history. According to, this year was…

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Girl’s Basketball continues to improve

Leesville’s Girls Basketball has defined improvement over the past several years. Three years ago, girls basketball was 2-22. It was clear that Leesville needed to…

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Leesville successful in YAG

Over Valentine’s Day weekend, Leesville was successful in the school’s very first Youth and Government (YAG) Conference. Every year, YMCA delegations and schools from Asheville…

Harper Lee announced that she will release a sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. Her original story, released over 50 years ago, has sold more than 40 million copies.

Harper Lee’s second act

On Tuesday, Harper Lee announced to release a second book: the sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. According to an interview with ABC News, the…

Cecily Strong (left) and Kenan Thompson (right) discussing recent events in Ferguson  during the opening scenes of the “Morning News” skit. SNL has been known for some controversial skits including ones on the recent NFL scandals and ISIS.

SNL’s take on Ferguson protests

In early December of 2014, SNL filmed a dress rehearsal for a skit called “Morning News” which poked fun at the events occurring in Furgeson….


Internet Machines

Today, people will scroll through their Facebook or Twitter accounts liking posts from friends, family, and various companies. These “likes” have become a form of…

Above is a photo of Leesville's weightlifting room. Dates and times for the weightlifting club to meet are still up in the air, so students and parents should stay up-to-date with announcements for when new information comes across.

Weightlifting Club

Leesville has gained yet another club: the Weightlifting Club. After the first preliminary meeting this past Tuesday, the club is ready to kick things off….

Brock Johnston, Leesville sophomore, looks at stocks for a possible investment. The stock market game realistically simulates what it would actually be like to buy stocks.

Personal Finance Club begins

The brand new Personal Finance club has kicked into gear here at Leesville. After several preliminary meetings and the elections of officers, the club has…

An early afternoon photo of the student parking lot. Every morning, the parking is bustling with students and cars parking and arriving to school in order to learn.

The Fast Lane

Basic Overview To upperclassmen, having a car can be a big deal. With your own car, you can have your own parking spot, go off…

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Students are not pies

High school and education isn’t about comparing yourself to others. The classes we take should help us excel in the fields of study that we…

Mrs. Fishbane (in the blue shirt) takes off from the starting line in the Hatfield and McCoy Marathon up in West Virginia. Running has become a growing trend and hobby amongst all ages.

Teachers staying active

Students may think that teachers don’t have a life outside of the classroom, but in reality, teachers are very connected with the outside world; and…

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How secure are bank accounts?

Recent innovations in credit card security and online transactions has made everyone’s bank account safer… or has it? “Chip-N-Pin” Credit Cards have begun to make…

According to, 100 million standardized tests are taken across the nation. In North Carolina, the cost to take standardized tests is about $10 per student, per test.

More Than a Score (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I emailed Dr. Wirt, the WCPSS Assistant Superintendent for Academics, to educate and inform me about the the recent PLAN test….

Modern Family recently started its sixth season. Since the show started in 2009, the show has won over 38 awards including one Golden Globe and 21 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Modern Family Review

Every Wednesday, I was always excited to watch Modern Family to see what comical conundrum the family would get themselves into. This past week was…

This past week, sophomores took a practice ACT test, known as the PLAN Test. In two more weeks, sophomores will be pulled from instruction again to take the PSAT test.

More Than a Score (Part 1)

As a student, I have spent approximately 250 hours on standardized tests. Every year since first grade, we would sit at our desks and take…