Protesters gather at the intersection of Franklin St. and Columbia St. to call on Governor McCrory and the state legislature to repeal HB2. Last week, a portion of the bill was repealed but protests will continue until the bill is entirely scrapped. (Photo courtesy of the News and Observer)

Discrimination Feature

Age. Race. Parental status. Disability. Gender identity. Political affiliation. Sexual orientation. Physical features. Religious beliefs. These simple ideas have become grounds for unrelenting discrimination in…

Sworkit, the new innovative way to workout, is increasing in popularity. Made with the intentions to be easily accessible, the founders follow the motto,“No gym, no excuse.”

Sworkit, the new fitness platform

Sworkit, made from the combination of the saying Simply WORK IT, is a new fitness platform that guarantees a more personalized exercise experience. Working out…

Soett-Luz Torres, a senior, has competed in FCCLA STAR events for three years. On the left, Torres was competing her sophomore year and on the right Torres was competing her senior year.

FCCLA member goes to Nationals

Soett-Luz Torres, a senior at Leesville Road high school, is an active Family Career Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) member. Since her sophomore year, Torres…

Life is funny and, in my own opinion, should not be taken too seriously. Here is something that the reader may enjoy.

Why Boycott School?

Recently I read in a book about the concept of how one must break down the ego in order to move closer to the self….


Presidential Candidates PiktoChart

The presidential nomination races for the Republican and Democratic party started last year with nearly thirty total candidates–far more than the two that Americans must…

Dolegowski poses for a picture in the city of Prague. She traveled to the Czech Republic for a ten day trip with the Campus Crusade for Christ.

Dolegowki’s trip to Prague

Most students spent their spring break lounging on the beach before heading back to school. Other students, such as Emily Dolegowski, a senior, focused her…

The Lion Gate at Mycenae stands for strength and unity. While the newspaper was named “the Mycenaean” by chance, there are many connections between the ancient city and Leesville.

What is Mycenae?

Mycenae First fact: Leesville has a student-run school newspaper. Second fact: It’s called the Mycenaean. Third fact: You have no idea what Mycenaean means, stands…

Leesville is home to three sets of teacher couples. Although there is a stigma around dating (or eventually marrying) a coworker, these teachers know how to make their relationships work.

Being married to a coworker

“It all began with hall duty in the fall of 1994…I was a second year teacher from the other side of the state…she was returning…

There are many people who believe in the learning power of failure. However, I believe it would be better to not fail in the first place than to fail and attempt to recover.

“On Failure” Response

http://themycenaean.org/2014/03/jesters-thoughts-on-failure/ I refuse to welcome failure. I abhor and fear and detest failure. I do believe that failure is wrong; I cannot embrace it, I…

The women’s soccer team moves a goal in order to set up for the next drill. They are finally able to get a tryout in on a grass field instead of a concrete one.

Spring Sports Are Underway

On Tuesday, February 16 tryouts for spring sports finally began. Tryouts were supposed to begin on Monday, but were postponed due to inclimate weather. February…

Video project photo (moon)

The Carolina Lightning

The Carolina Lightning are a girl’s u16 hockey team. Hockey is an intense sport, and these girls are tough enough to handle it.

Video project photo (moon)

New Gen Romance

Article after article written by fearmongers everywhere have thrown around many reasons as to why the youngest generation has completely changed–or ruined–romance and their consequent…

From left to right: Arnotts department store, Temple Bar restaurants, Malahide Castle, Malahide gardens, Newgrange, Dublin. Ireland has something to offer for all people of different ages. (Photo courtesy of Taylor Penezic)

Traveling in Ireland

Dublin is a fairly small city that has lots of tourist attractions within walking distance of downtown. For the sites that are too far to…

Emma Berg posing with her button making kit and modeling some examples of Berg’s Buttons. Bracelets can be purchased for $1 or $2.

Berg’s Buttons

Emma Berg doesn’t consider herself a young entrepreneur, though she could. What started off as a personal hobby has recently transformed into a small side…

Billboard has been listing the top hits of every year since the 1940’s. I decided to review the number one song from specific years from 1950 all the way to the present. (Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia)

65 years of music

Music has been around for as nearly long as people have, and certainly as long as anyone can remember. However, many people do not think…