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Graduation honors

Graduation is fast approaching for seniors.  With less than nine days left of school, not including the senior assembly and exams, senioritis has taken hold…

Miranda ITS Hat

ITS hazing tradition

On May 17, many devoted theatre and technical theatre students were inducted into the International Thespian Society (ITS).  In order to be inducted, one must…

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Capital Pride goes to Charleston

On Sun., April 25, Leesville’s Capital Pride returned from a weekend in Charleston, SC, where they participated in an International Choral Festival. While in Charleston,…

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Last chorus concert of the year

Leesville’s vocal ensembles held their annual spring concert on Friday, May 14. Beginning, Intermediate, and Capital Pride ensembles performed a versatile set of music for…

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New Sign In Procedures for Visitors to LRHS

Leesville administrators recently implemented the Lobby Guard, a new sign-in procedure to provide more security for students and staff. “The old sign-in log was inefficient….

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Awards Day Reminder

Standing in front of the class, Dubay announced that he had an award for every person in the class. These were not the silly superlatives that many teachers hand out so that every student gets an award. Instead, Dubay offered valuable advice to his students, reminding each one that he or she will make a difference in the world – some by possibly curing cancer, and others by being a good friend or spouse.

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Formspring Encourages Anonymous Gossip

A new website is becoming popular, and this website is dangerous. it’s addictive, fun, scary, and often hurtful. The site was created earlier this…

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Obama Proposes Longer, More School Days

American children are not spending enough time in school, therefore, putting them at a disadvantage compared to students in other countries. Because of this, the…

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Pollen pollutes lives of students

After students returned from Spring Break, many realized that something was different.  Allergies, dirty cars, and yellow extremities were all in high supply.  The culprit? …

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Chilean earthquake kills hundreds

A tremor with a magnitude of 8.8 devastated large parts of southern Chile on February 27. The President, Michelle Bachelet declared a ‘State of catastrophe’…

emery_key club paw prints painting

Key Club paints a paw print path

Upon arriving to school on Monday morning, many students looked down to notice a trail of blue and green lion paw-prints leading from the main…

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Latin Students Take National Latin Exam

On March 11, Leesville Latin students along with 135,000 students from around the world took the National Latin Exam. Mr. and Mrs. Mash, or ‘Magister…

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Spring 2010 blood drive a success

On Friday March 19 Leesville held its second blood drive this year. The drive contributed 115 units of blood and was an astounding success, which…

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Leesville Competes in State Math Contest

Students from Leesville Road High School participated in the 2010 Wake Tech Community College Regional State Math Contest on Thursday, March 25. The competition consisted…

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Music World Helps Haiti

After the massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastated Haiti, the music world sprang into action. 100 artists banded together to remake Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie’s…


Synthetic marijuana’s popularity grows

Many teens have recently discovered a legal alternative to marijuana. Synthetic marijuana, also called K2, gives users a high similar to marijuana. Ironically, many researchers…


Grossi receives arts scholarship

On March 10, 2010, April Grossi was one of five WCPSS seniors to receive an Artists of Tomorrow scholarship, made available by the City of…


Blockbuster no longer king of movie rentals

Ten years ago, business at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and similar establishments was booming: not only did these companies rent out newly released games and movies,…

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Orchestra Goes to Nashville

On Thursday, March 18, the Leesville high school orchestra will participate in Heritage Music Festival in Nashville. The Heritage Music Festival, which is celebrating its…

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Schools return to traditional calendar

Few people in the Leesville area have not heard about the Wake county school board’s ongoing debate about what calendar would best suit the schools…

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New $100-bill to be released

April 21 will be the big reveal for the United States’ new $100-bill, featuring a different portrait of Benjamin Franklin on the front. Mr. Franklin’s…

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Google offers scholarships for doodles

Doodle 4 Google is a competition where Google invites kids of all ages to use their artistic talent to decorate the Google homepage logo.  Google…

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Del Burns set to retire

When North Carolina’s new school board ran on the platform of change, the voters had no idea just how much they were in store for….

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Lela Johnston, Dance Ensemble Collaborate

On March 10, Leesville’s Dance Ensemble joined Lela Johnston, senior, in the annual Pieces of Gold performance held in the Memorial Auditorium. For 30 years,…

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Wake County’s dropout rate decreasing

Wake County reported a 3.47 percent dropout rate for the 2008-2009 school year, down from 4.17 percent of high school dropouts the previous year. This…

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Palin & Politics: Enough Is Enough

This Valentine’s Day, the FOX cartoon “Family Guy” was anything but heart and roses when the sitcom aimed a not-so-subtle shot at Sarah Palin, parodying…

pepsi throwback

Pepsi Throwback Returns

The Throwback line of Pepsi products, which are made with real sugar rather than high-fructose corn syrup, are back again for a limited time.  The…

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Obamas Campaign to Tackle Childhood Obesity

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 marked the first official day of First Lady Michelle Obama’s new nationwide campaign to wrestle childhood obesity in America. Obama’s “Let’s…

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Booster Club Hosts Sixteenth Annual PA Café

On Friday, Feb. 26, the Leesville Choral Department Parent Arts Booster Club hosted its sixteenth annual Performing Arts Café. With what Diane Covington, choral director,…

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LRHS Students Participate in 2010 AMC

Leesville students participated in the 61st annual American Mathematics Contest (AMC), test B, on Wednesday, February 24, 2010. Students either participated in the AMC 10…

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Sanderson to Host College Fair

On Sunday, March 7, Sanderson High School will host a “Spring College and Post Secondary Opportunities Fair.”  The fair will provide students with the opportunity…