Articles by Isabella Parsons, staff writer 2017-18

“Dearly Departed” is one of the fall plays that the Leesville Theatre Department performed this year. Both the cast and the crew worked tirelessly in order to make sure the production was a success.

(Photo used by permission of Erin Darnell)

Dearly Departed Was A Hit!

  The Leesville Theatre Department’s production of “Dearly Departed” was performed November 14, 16, and 18 and was absolutely amazing. From the acting to the…

“Dearly Departed” is one of the fall plays that the Leesville Theatre Department performed this year. Both the cast and the crew worked tirelessly in order to make sure the production was a success. 
(Photo used by permission of Erin Darnell)

Dearly Departed Was a Hit!

The Leesville Theatre Department’s production of “Dearly Departed” was performed November 14, 16, and 18 and was absolutely amazing. From the acting to the set…

As the sophomores and juniors prepare to take the Pre SAT, they have different goals that they want to achieve through the test. From practicing before the real SAT to potential scholarship money, everyone there has a different reason in participating. Photo courtesy of Izzy Parsons.

Sophomores and Juniors take the PSAT

On October 11, 2017 juniors, sophomores, and freshmen went to take the PSAT. It lasted from 7:25 am until 11:30 am all throughout the school…

As the school year starts, the executive board of Spanish Club is already planning the meetings for the rest of the semester. During the school year the club meets about once a month with meetings revolving around Spanish culture. (Photo courtesy of LRHS Spanish Club twitter)

New Year, New Club

  As the school year begins, many different clubs are making their first debut, but one is already beginning their twenty-second year here at Leesville….

Profesora Richards, a new addition to the Leesville Spanish department, is enthusiastic about joining the Pride. As she grades homework for the day, the students are chatting to her in Spanish about their plans for the weekend. (Photo used by permission of Isabel Daumen)

Bienvenidos Profesora Richards!

While the Leesville community was brokenhearted when Senora Sollie left at the end of last year, Profesora Richards is proving to be a worthy replacement….

After weeks of rehearsing, the cast of “Bring It On!” performed on April 26, 27, 28, and 29. For the first time in Leesville history, the musical entered the Triangle Rising Stars Competition and was nominated for Best Ensemble. (Photo used with permission of Katrina Tarson)

“Bring It On!” Wins Best Ensemble

In the week of April 23, Leesville Road High School preformed “Bring It On!”. The musical was entered into Triangle Rising Stars, a competition dedicated…

Physical Education here at Leesville usually does a Pacer test in the beginning of the year as well as the end of the year. Throughout the rest of the semester, students work to improve their endurance through other activities like running the mile and playing a variety of sports (Photo Courtesy of Isabella Parsons)

Was the Pacer Test banned?

In these past couple of weeks, there have been rumors that the Pacer Test was unhealthy and no longer an adequate way to measure endurance….

Spanish National Honors Society, also known as SNHS, is a community of students that come together to celebrate their love of Spanish language and culture. SNHS meets at least once a month to discuss service opportunities and to eat a variety of Hispanic food. 
(Photo Courtesy of Twitter)

The Value of Spanish National Honors Society

From volunteering to eating Spanish cuisine to attending cultural activities, Spanish National Honors Society is a center for students invested in a variety of activities….

While it still may be the beginning of March, Raleigh has received unusually high temperatures compared to past years. This warm weather may be an indication of the detriment done to the environment.

Is It S’Winter

As February comes to a close, people are shedding their winter coats and putting on their  flip-flops. With most days having temperatures in the sixties…

The New Year’s Eve celebration at downtown Raleigh started in 1992. At the first celebration, only about 20,000 people showed up, now, almost 75,000 people come to ring in the new year. (Photo courtesy of Grace Newton)

Acorn Drop — New Years, 2016

People throughout the United States celebrate New Year’s differently, specific to Raleigh is the acorn drop. Between 50,000 and 75,000 people travel to downtown Raleigh…

During the Leesville Liaison annual cookie decorating party, the liaisons munched and mingled with the new students. Throughout lunch, new students and liaisons alike decorate cookies in shapes of classic holiday figures.

Christmas Cookie Celebration

This holiday season, the liaison held a cookie decorating party on December 14, 2016 in the Breezeway during all of SMART lunch. Throughout the year,…

A typical swim meet consists of 11 events-- eight individual and three relay. The four competitive swimming stroke are freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke.(Photo Courtesy of Mariana Herrera Caro)

Swimming to Victory

  On November 16, 2016 the Leesville Road High School Women’s Swim Team traveled to their first meet. Sanderson was the host of the meet,…


Got Chalk?

Gymnastics involves the use of physical strength, flexibility, balance, control, power and agility. In fact, it dates all the way back to 1896 when it…

Juniors throughout Leesville like to participate in the tradition of spirit week. The themes this 2016-2017 school year are, Hopes and Dreams Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Decades Day Thursday, and Green Out Friday.

Juniors Take on Homecoming

This year’s Homecoming theme was Blast From the Past. The daily themes ranged from Hopes and Dreams Tuesday to, as tradition dictates, Green Out Friday….

Becca Jones has been playing softball since she was six years old. Now a junior in high school, she has made it to the top 40 athletes of the Canadian Junior Women’s National Team tryouts, which may give her a chance to attend Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics.  Courtesy of the News and Observer

Becca Jones Slides into Home

Becca Jones, a junior, is an up and coming softball player. Throughout her career, she has overcome incredible challenges in order to become one of…

Isabel Dauman and Eliza Bohinski, both sophomores, are two of twelve students who are going to Peru in June of 2017. They are looking forward to the deepening of their understanding of the Peruvian culture and practicing their newly acquired Spanish skills.

A Summer in Peru

In the last two weeks of June 2017, Craig Ross, a Spanish teacher here at Leesville, and 12 other students are flying into Lima, Peru….

A prospective organization that is new to Leesville is the Social Justice club.  Kayla Pope, the main student coordinator, has already received over 45 signatures of people interested in combating social issues throughout Raleigh.

Social Justice Club Debut

Kayla Pope, a junior, is starting the Social Justice club at Leesville Road High School this 2016-2017 school year. Pope’s main focus for the Social…

During the 2015-2016 school year, Spanish Club held its first annual Easter egg hunt. Many returning club members look forward to new traditions, like the Easter egg hunt, and forming new bonds as the year begins. Photo Courtesy: Lauren McNamara

Hola Spanish Club!

“When I started here in 1995, Spanish club had already become a part of Leesville,” said Craig Ross, Spanish clubs teacher sponsor. The club has…

As campaigns come to a close and ballots start going out, many campaigners are putting posters with catchy phrases to sway the voters. Many of these posters are located throughout the schools stairways.

Class Council commences

Starting the week of September 5 at Leesville Road High School, freshmen started campaigning for the various officer positions on class council, including Vice President,…

Erin Darnell and Cecilia Marks--sophomores at Leesville--are doing homework while waiting for their buses in the school cafeteria. Since the recent budget cuts have forced some bus drivers to do two rounds, many students have to wait another hour after school dismisses before they are able to go home.

Wake County Bus Delay Dilemma

At the beginning of Leesville’s 2016-2017 school year, Wake County Public Schools has implemented a few cost saving measures.   Some of the measures taken…