Angela Scioli combs through work at her current classroom in trailer one. She teaches both  AP Government and Civics and Economics classes. (Photo courtesy Jacob Polansky)

Educators Of The Future

Each year the staff of Leesville Road High School votes on the winner of the coveted “Teacher Of The Year” award. This award is given,…

The day after football star Cole Coleman announced his commitment to Elon University via twitter, he wore clothes featuring his future school from head to toe. Coleman will continue his education in the field of communications. 
(Photo courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

Elon University welcomes Cole Coleman

Cole Coleman, a football star for Leesville Road, committed to Elon University on September 27. After lots of careful consideration, he accepted his full scholarship…

Typically, Speech and Debate meetings consist of small-scale debates. However, at this meeting, candidates for leadership positions preformed speeches before the club voted for officers. (Photo courtesy of Isabel Daumen)

Speech and Debate Club Holds Elections

On Friday, Oct. 6, Speech and Debate Club held elections in order to prepare for upcoming club events, such as a tournament at Cumberland Polytechnic…

Gustavo De Oliveira, a junior at Leesville Road High School (left), gives directions to a freshman. Freshman, in most circumstances, are clueless on the first day of school. But with assistance from their peers, their high school career can be a lot more comfortable. (Photo courtesy of Sarah Jumma)

Upperclassmen advice to freshmen

High school is one of the most difficult times in a teenager’s life. Although some proceed through its challenges to pursue college, many drop out…

Reese Layh, Leesville sophomore and Executive Council member, counts money during SMART Lunch that students in Executive Council collected from first period classes at Leesville Road High School.  The Executive Council will donate the money to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), which will then use the money to help researchers find a cure for Type One diabetes.  (Photo courtesy of Sydney Tucker)

Leesville raises money for a good cause

From September 25–29, the Leesville Road High School Executive Council collected money from each first period class to donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation,…

Another public road, ravished by excess water. Cars were blocked, which led hurricane victims to walk to their destination. Walking caused many drownings as well.  (Photos used by permission of Kelly Thai)

Houston vs. Hurricane Harvey

The headlines of the local Houston news blared early Friday morning. On August 25, while children around the United States prepared for the new school…

On September 22, Leesville faced Cardinal Gibbons, in a not so close game. The game took place on Gibbons’ newly renovated astroturf field.  (Photo courtesy of twitter user @leesvillefb)

Gibbons Dominates Leesville Football

On September 22, Leesville traveled to face the Cardinal Gibbons Crusaders for their first round of conference play. Leesville had notable plays and fought until…

The PSAT is typically taken by juniors who want to qualify for scholarships or practice for the PSAT. Students can also create a college board account for more information about the PSAT. (Photo courtesy of Isabel Daumen)

PSAT Registration at Leesville

On September 5, students began registering to take the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT). Students have until September 20 to register for the…

As the school year starts, the executive board of Spanish Club is already planning the meetings for the rest of the semester. During the school year the club meets about once a month with meetings revolving around Spanish culture. (Photo courtesy of LRHS Spanish Club twitter)

New Year, New Club

  As the school year begins, many different clubs are making their first debut, but one is already beginning their twenty-second year here at Leesville….

Profesora Richards, a new addition to the Leesville Spanish department, is enthusiastic about joining the Pride. As she grades homework for the day, the students are chatting to her in Spanish about their plans for the weekend. (Photo used by permission of Isabel Daumen)

Bienvenidos Profesora Richards!

While the Leesville community was brokenhearted when Senora Sollie left at the end of last year, Profesora Richards is proving to be a worthy replacement….

One of the many trophy cases at Leesville Road High School portraying the achievements of the students throughout the years. The majority of the trophies shown is state championship, or conference championship awards. (Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

Setting and Meeting Goals

Every successful school year is achieved through setting and meeting goals– which provide a standard that students can push themselves to meet. For many students,…

The Leesville Road High Pride Players Club official poster board under construction. Pride Players Club was a massive success at the freshman orientation Pride Launch, largely in part to the attendance of (left to right) Brenna Murray, Rose Sande, Lauren Sande, Hannah Arostegui, Josh O’Donovan, and Hannah Woody as pictured. (Photo Courtesy of Pride Players Twitter account)

Where Community Service Meets Athletics

Student athletes at Leesville are constantly working to maintain grades, sports, and social lives. With such busy schedules, many find it difficult to find time…

Chipotle’s queso was released around the country after much anticipation. Chipotle’s queso has been widely criticized for its taste and texture. (Photo Courtesy of Jonathan Spear)

Liquid gold or liquid mold?

It has taken more than two decades for Chipotle to release their own queso, and on September 12, the Mexican grill chain rolled out the…

Kristin Noga sits atop a mountain in Boone, North Carolina. It is a common tradition to travel to the mountains over Labor Day. Photo used with permission of Kristin Noga.

The Hard Workers of Our Country

Labor Day fell on the fourth of September this year, giving Leesville students and teachers a break from the school year that had started the…

The 2017 NFL Season is underway, and players (from left to right) Julio Jones, Drew Brees and Le’Veon Bell are ready to compete. The 32 teams in the NFL will be fighting for 12 playoff spots over the 17 week long season. (Photo courtesy of Matt Wiener)

2017 NFL Season Begins

On September 7, 2017, the National Football League (NFL), had the first game of the newest 17 week season. The defending Super Bowl Champions, the…

Established as one of the first international clubs, Key Club provides a means for students to come together to serve their local community. Here, Leesville students are making dog toys out of donated shirts for the local pet shelter. (Photo used by permission of Tushar Varma).

Want to Serve? Join Key Club

Situated in an upper income area, Leesville is considered by many to be a school with a pretty privileged populous. Many students here want the…

Elise Hall, junior, with Mrs. Cade and Mr. Dinkenor before going off campus. Upperclassmen need to show George Hill, a security guard,  a pass before leaving school.
(Photo Courtesy of Chelsea Dinkenor)

New School Year, New Privileges

School has just begun, and the Leesville Road parking lot is overflowing with upperclassmen going off campus for lunch. Upperclassmen are permitted, with a pass,…

Jaedan Flagg, left, helps Kareem Zaarour. The tutors and freshmen students meet once a week and have a pizza party after completing their work to celebrate. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

No Calculators can Solve These Equations

Multiple honor society members have volunteered to translate and tutor students who do not speak English as their first language. In exchange for helping these…

Bridget Morgan, co-club founder, hands out forms to students during the interest meeting. Both underclassmen and upperclassmen attended the meeting excited to hear more about what Leos Club will bring to Leesville. (Photo used by permission of Emma Lewis)

Leesville welcomes the Leos Club

On Wednesday, September 6, The Leos Club held its first interest meeting  in Ms. Cade’s room. The Leos Club was founded by Bridget Morgan and…

Teachers are requesting school supplies like those pictured above, as well as antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. Some teachers may request tennis balls, which will be used on the legs of chairs and desks to prevent scuffing of the floors. (Photo courtesy of Erin Darnell)

Teachers Request Supplies

As the school year begins, a request will echo through many classes at Leesville: “Please bring in school supplies from my wishlist.” The teachers at…